Be the creator or your own outcome

At the start of the year, it seems so easy to set resolutions and plan intentions and goals for the year ahead.

A couple of weeks into the year—when the adrenaline has started to wear off and the reality of the challenge, scale and commitment of perusing these dreams starts to sink in—it’s easy the question the outcome and possibility of ever making them happen. Optimism can be replaced by a fear of failure, and doubt may cause us to question is it really worth it?

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Should You Forget Yourself

To all my world sister's <3

Should you forget yourself

“If I could give you one gift it would be to see yourself the way that I see you so you’d realize how truly beautiful you are”

She never saw her true potential for she hid it with her doubts. She masked her beauty with her insecurities. Her fears and failures became her closest friends blocking her from what she could and should be if she could only see her true self.

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Handling Negativity

This week, I lost my voice completely.

Ironically, this occured at a time when I received some negative backlash. A small game of Chinese Whispers. Playground politics. This got me thinking about how I handle negativity.

My instant response is to get upset and see negativity as an attack, which makes me want to react.

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What Makes a Warrior

I grew up witnessing two completely different worlds.

The security, protection and imagination of my grandparents’ garden acted as a stark contrast to the urban street life, chaos and addiction that surrounded my father.

I was raised by a mother and grandparents who always strived for excellence. As a result, they were incredibly successful and inspirational leaders.

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