ASHTANGA VINYASA - Mild/Medium Rebecca Hannah (Pixie) & Kal Uppal

Ashtanga yoga is one of the most powerful, popular and proven methods of yoga. In this very Yang (energetic) practice, synchronising breath with postures produces internal heat, purifying the organs and muscles. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calmer mind. Suitable for all bodies and abilities.

CROSS CORE THERAPY - Hot - Rebecca Hannah (Pixie)

Developed by Urban Love Warrior's own Rebecca Hannah and Master Duncan Wong, Cross core therapy aims to build solid foundations in core work, backbends and inversions through wall, partner and prop-based assists. With a focus on releasing, aligning, strengthening and stretching the body this class aims to build students awareness of technique, body reading and sequencing in order to help them develop a safe and effective fitness practice. Suitable for those looking to enhance their existing practice. 

FLOW & GO Medium/Hot - ULWY Teachers

A quick shot of yoga espresso to kick start your day. This class combines Vinyasa flow mixed with energising back bends, building strength, flexibility and an open heart.

HATHA YOGA - Medium - Tulie Smith

In this class we will go through a foundation level sun salutation to warm up the body and get it ready for practice!

Focusing on alignment and breath it starts off with hard work focusing on a classic warrior sequence, followed by some challenging standing postures, which can all be universally modified to suit any ability. Depending on the vibe of the class we will either visit some inversion work, core work or some deeper backbends and then cool down with some yin style postures before a short, guided meditation. Suitable for all bodies and abilities.

MOVE & GROOVE - Medium - Jude Evans

Open, move and play - say YES to life. A movement class exploring presence and connection within our inner self and to the outside world, drawing on the practices of Laban, Viewpoints, Lecoq and many more. It aims to cultivate both stillness and energy, balance and imbalance, and to encourage our bodies to express themselves to their fullest potential. Grounding, freedom and play are right at the core, counteracting the time we regularly spend rushing around, sitting or standing for hours a day. 'Move & Groove' weaves together a diverse range of approaches, including breath work, neutral state, free flow, cardio, biomechanics, therapeutic elements, with a splash of influence from dance and theatre. Each week will offer something a little different, to go with the ever-changing flow of life. This class offers the opportunity to  let go, breathe and ground - and, obviously, to move and groove! Suitable for all bodies and abilities.


Rest, restore, revitalise. Focused on relaxation, this restorative class is a sure-fire antidote to a fast-paced life and intense physical exercise. Cultivating stillness and calm, this class invites you to let go of mind, body and emotional tension through full release into deeply restorative postures. Led at a gentle pace with mindful movement. Suitable for all bodies and abilities.

THERAPEUTIC VINYASA - Mild - Rebecca Morris

Based on the intelligent, therapeutic system of Yoga Medicine, this class combines a slower moving vinyasa practice with some delicious restorative poses toward the end. Threading calming pranayama (breathing exercises) through a chilled out vinyasa flow designed to open out the joints and nourish the body. Suitable for all bodies and abilities.

VINYASA FLOW - Medium - Jude Evans

Synchronising breath and movement, this Vinyasa Flow class threads together poses through continuous flow. Its flowing and energetic qualities focus on building strength, flexibility and ease of movement. This class ranges in pace between steady and fast, cultivating moments of pause within the flow to work into specific poses and areas of the body. You are always encouraged to take the class at your own pace, with modifications and/or variations offered for many postures. Sequences change week-to-week ensuring the creative and unique quality of each class. This class begins with Pranayama (breath work) and warm-up to prepare you for the flow. If you're seeking a cardiovascular and stamina-based workout, this is the class for you. Flow, breathe, enjoy - and make it your own experience! Suitable for all bodies and abilities.

YIN YOGA - Mild - Rebecca Morris

A largely mediative practice designed to move deeper into the fascia and connective tissues, releasing 'stuck' movement patterns and kinks. During  class we hold seated, supine (lay on the back) or prone (lay on the front) postures for between 3-5minutes to allow the body and tissues time to 'sink in'.  It is the perfect compliment to a vigorous yang practice and the stresses of modern life, as it teaches the ability to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system, wind down to reset and renew the whole body. Suitable for all bodies and abilities.

YOGA HIIT - Hot - Rebecca Morris

This short burst of a class is a clever combination, taking the concepts and science behind High Intensity Interval Training and fusing it with Vinyasa yoga asana and movements to build functional strength and stability. It is both a time efficient whole body workout, mood booster and a great supplement to your regular yoga practice. Suitable for all bodies and abilities.

YOGIC ARTS - Medium/Hot - Rebecca Hannah (Pixie)

Founded by Master Duncan Wong, Yogic Arts is a dynamic fusion of Ashtanga Yoga, Martial Arts and Thai therapy, designed to help students build strong foundations, connect directly to their source power, strengthen and lengthen the body and therapeutically release the body from tension and muscular pain. Suitable for all bodies and abilities.