Urban Voices

We are always totally overwhelmed by the positive responses from our students and stories of their transformation and journey's. As a testimonial to our students and in order  to create a feel of what Urban Love Warrior is about we've collated some of our favourite bits.  Thank you to our amazing  teachers and community for making us into who we are and for being such a awesomely  cool tribe.  Namaste team Love Warrior

"Rebecca Sensei is one of my greatest achievements as a teacher. Her passion and dedication to authentic movement embodies the ultimate teaching of Sthira Sukham Asanam (Steady Joyous Connection). Proud teacher." – Master Wong December 2015
 "Absolutely incredible teacher! I have learnt so much from Becky, not just through yoga, but also spiritually regarding how I see life. Her teaching style is so special and I believe she has the ability to make anyone love yoga.  She is amazing at adapting the class to beginners, especially confidence wise making people feel comfortable and unjudged” - Sophie Greener -May 14th 2015
“I have been doing yoga with Becky for 2 and half years. She has taught me so much as a yoga teacher, person and a friend. I am not afraid to say that she is one of the best teachers in Coventry. She is very inspirational human being. She lifts her students up and never makes them feel like they are behind with their yoga practice. She simply honours us all. As she likes to say "YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE." - Helianthus Fidrikova - April 10th 2015
“Becky is energetic and inspiring. Her classes are always fun. You come away feeling awesome. She is one of the most positive people I know.” - Catherine Rye - February 22nd 2015
“Great teacher. Inspirational and accomplished. Caring and supportive towards her students and offers guidance every step of the way.” - Fiona Kirrane - November 10th 2015
“It has changed my life.  I used to have insecurities around the way I looked but now I feel confident just the way I am and feel good about myself when I leave the house in the morning.”- Lauren Jones - May 17th 2014