Looking for a way to really optimize your yoga practice and have a tailor made class that specifically designed for your body and goals?   Whether it's flexibility your looking to build, a way to enhance your current sports or training programme or a a gentle and restorative approach we have a range of fully qualified and inspiring teachers to suit all requirements.   Contact us for your free consultation.


Treatments available include  Sports & Deep Tissue massage and Hot Stone Massage..

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The Inspirer Programme

Inspirer is a multidisciplinary, functional mo­ve­ment sys­tem that add­res­ses the chal­len­ges of mo­dern life in the digital age that our chil­dren and teen­agers fa­ce to­day. It in­teg­ra­tes the most be­ne­fi­cial as­pects of both Pi­la­tes and Yo­ga prac­ti­ces in order to de­li­ver the best re­sults and pro­vi­de tea­ching that is most re­le­vant to the chal­len­ges of mo­dern li­fe. Inspirer has been de­ve­lo­ped from years of re­search and ex­pe­rien­ce to cre­ate the best re­ci­pe for health and fun.

Corporate Classes and Workshops

Are you looking for something specific from a yoga class?
We offer great Yoga, Well-being and Personal Development Programmes tailored to suit a variety of goals, audiences and environments.  

We create bespoke yoga classes for:

  • Workplace Wellness
  • Yoga in Schools
  • Community Centres 
  • Festivals
  • Yoga for sports clubs and dance courses/schools